ALZOO Natural Flea & Tick Spot on Repellent for Dog - 3 Tubes

ALZOO Natural Flea & Tick Spot on Repellent for Dog - 3 Tubes

This non-toxic and environmentally friendly repellent is easy to use and provides long lasting protection from fleas, ticks, and lice.

Each package contains 3 applications

6 months protection for dogs 2lbs-22lbs
3 months protection for dogs 24lbs-57lbs
1.5 months protection for dogs 59lbs-98lbs

Active Ingredients


How to use

Simply empty the contents of the tube between your pet's shoulder blades. This repellant works by sebum diffusion through your pet's body.

This product contains almond oil which shields your dog's skin from the natural active ingredients. The almond oil also helps active ingredients move across the skin and serves as a barrier against water. To minimize the temporary oily effect please follow the instructions below.

Spread your pet's hair and apply very small amounts of product around the back of the neck and along your pet's back so that it is not concentrated in one area. You can also apply the product over a couple of days. If you do not use all of the product at once make sure the close the cap or the repellant can dry out.

Item No: 132829-IND