ALZOO Natural Flea & Tick Collar for Cat

ALZOO Natural Flea & Tick Collar for Cat

This non-toxic and environmentally friendly collar effectively protects your cat from ticks, fleas and lice.

Each collar provides up to 4 months of protection for your cat.

Our collars are free from PVCs and Phalates.

Active Ingredients:


How to use

Remove and throw away the inner piece of the collar. Allow the collar to sit outside and away from your pet for at least one hour before using.

This collar contains Geraniol which may produce an allergic reaction. To test to see if your cat may experience a reaction to this product please follow the instructions below.

On the first day of use put on your pet for one hour only. You can increase the amount of time that your pet wears the collar by one hour each day for four days. If your pet does not have an allergic reaction then you can continue to use the collar.

Item No: 132910-IND